Launch EKS

DO NOT PROCEED with this step unless you have validated the IAM role in use by the Cloud9 IDE. You will not be able to run the necessary kubectl commands in the later modules unless the EKS cluster is built using the IAM role.


How do I check the IAM role on the workspace?

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Create an EKS cluster

# To create a basic EKS cluster, we can start by downloading a config template:
cd ~/environment

# Next, let's fill in the template variables with values from our environment:
envsubst <eksworkshop.yml.template >eksworkshop.yml

# We can examine the rendered output by viewing `eksworkshop.yml`:
cat eksworkshop.yml

# Finally, now that we have the proper config generated, we can launch EKS:
eksctl create cluster -f eksworkshop.yml

eksctl create cluster --version=1.13 --name=eksworkshop-eksctl --nodes=3 --node-ami=auto --region=${AWS_REGION}

Launching EKS and all the dependencies will take approximately 15 minutes