Setup CloudWatch Alarm

Setup CloudWatch Alarm

In this section, we will setup CloudWatch alarm and send notification using SNS when a Pod restarts more than once in a 5 minute period.

  • Navigate to CloudWatch Alarms
  • Click on Create alarm
  • In the Specify metric conditions screen click Select metric
  • Select Container Insights and then ClusterName, Namespace, PodName.
  • Then check the pod_number_of_container_restarts metric as shown below

Container Insights

  • Click Select metric
  • In the Specify metric and conditions screen, change the statistic to Sum
  • Enter 1 in the Define the threshold value textbox. Click Next
  • In the Configure actions screen, ensure in Alarm is selected and select Select an existing SNS topic if you have an SNS topic already in your account you want to use for this purpose. If not, select Create new topic

Container Insights

  • Click on Create topic and then click Next
  • In the Add a description screen, enter the alarm name as Pod Restart Count and click Next

Container Insights

  • Review the details in the following screen and click Create alarm
Trigger the alarm

Get the name of the ecsdemo-frontend pod using the following command

kubectl get pods

NAME                                READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
ecsdemo-crystal-6b45547688-tzvw2    1/1     Running   0          8d
ecsdemo-frontend-7f7644d5d5-tk72w   1/1     Running   3          8d
ecsdemo-nodejs-744d497fdc-9hwgz     1/1     Running   0          8d

Kill the pod using the following command after replacing the placeholder string with the name of the ecsdemo-frontend pod obtained from the command above. Wait for the pod to restart, and then kill it again. Do all this within 5 minutes so the alarm can be triggered.

kubectl exec -it <NAME_OF_THE_ECSDEMO_FRONT_END_POD> -c ecsdemo-frontend -- /bin/sh -c "kill 1"
Check alarm status

Navigate to CloudWatch Alarms page and you should be able to see the alarm firing off as shown below Container Insights

If your email is subscribed to the SNS topic, you will also see an email notification as shown below Container Insights