Cleanup Resources

Delete CloudWatch Alarm

  • Navigate to CloudWatch Alarms page and select the Pod Restart Count alarm.
  • Click Actions and Delete option from the dropdown. Click Delete in the confirmation window to delete the alarm

Delete Container Insights

Ensure you change the value of AWS_REGION environment variable to the one that fits your needs

Linux / macOS users
export Cluster_Name=eksworkshop-eksctl
export AWS_REGION=us-east-1

curl | sed "s/{{cluster_name}}/Cluster_Name/;s/{{region_name}}/AWS_REGION/" | kubectl delete -f -
Windows users
Set-Item -Path Env:Cluster_Name -Value "eksworkshop-eksctl"
Set-Item -Path Env:AWS_REGION -Value "us-east-1"

kubectl delete -f (New-Item -ItemType "File" -Name "containerinsights.yml" -Force -Value ((Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -replace "{{cluster_name}}", $env:Cluster_Name -replace "{{region_name}}", $env:AWS_REGION))

Cleanup example microservices

Follow these steps to clean up example microservices from your EKS cluster