Test Permissions

To test that your worker nodes are able to use these permissions correctly, we’ll run a job that attempts to list all existing meshes.

Run this command to set the script to run against the correct region:

sed -i'.old' -e 's/\"us-west-2\"/\"'$AWS_REGION'\"/' awscli.yaml

Next, execute the job:

kubectl apply -f awscli.yaml

Make sure its completed by issuing the command:

kubectl get jobs

And see that desired and successful are both one:

awscli   1         1            1m

Inspect the output of the job:

kubectl logs jobs/awscli

The output of this command will illustrate if your nodes can make App Mesh API calls successfully as well.

This output shows the workers have proper access:

    "meshes": []

And this output shows they don’t:

An error occurred (AccessDeniedException) when calling the ListMeshes operation: User: arn:aws:iam::123abc:user/foo is not authorized to perform: appmesh:ListMeshes on resource: *

If you need to troubleshoot further, in order to run the job again to test, you must first delete it:

kubectl delete jobs/awscli

Once you’ve successfully tested for the proper permissions, continue on to the next step.